There are so many good things in the world. There are things that are good for our bodies, like exercising and eating kale, and things that are good for our mind, like reading and meditating.

Charity is a good thing. Compassion is, too. Volunteering, and calling your parents, and getting your oil changed on time: the list of good things is practically infinite.
But just because something is good does not mean that it is good for you.
Does it light you up from the inside, and give you a sense of purpose? Or does it feel like something that you “should” do? If it doesn’t put a big, unsinkable smile on your face, ask yourself this: Who is this good for?

Because if it isn’t good for you, then it isn’t good enough. No matter how much your sister, best friend, or favorite blogger swears by it.

The ultimate intention of yoga is to reunite with our inner self, the fundamental essence of who we really are. (Remember, the word yoga mean ‘to yoke.’) As you strengthen this connection, you may begin to sense that some things— perhaps even some really good things— are not serving you at the present moment.
Practice letting go of those things. You don’t have to cut them out all at once: simply allow them to fade away. If you find yourself hesitating or holding on, remind yourself that you are making room for the next good thing, whatever it may be.
There will always be someone who is ready to take that juice cleanse, or run that marathon. Good things will keep on getting done. So do not worry about doing something good; instead, practice being good at just being yourself. Whatever you are doing now is not just enough; it is the very best thing of all.