Angelina began practicing yoga in 2005 to supplement other exercise. Over time, the desire to learn more about the philosophy of yoga took hold and began her path as a teacher completing her 200 Hour training in 2010. An avid learner, Angelina’s classes are influenced by vinyasa, Ashtanga, power, Forrest, bhakti, Dharma, and restorative styles of yoga.

Angelina’s creatively sequenced classes integrate breath, strength, balance, alignment, meditation, and philosophy allowing students to grow in their practice and play with their edge. Angelina’s compassionate teaching offers students the opportunity to draw in and shine out.

Get to Know Angelina Better

Where is your favorite place in the world? My favorite place in the world is anywhere outside with my husband, Eric, and my dog, Hitchcock. It brings my heart such joy to be on a walk, hiking,
playing in the snow, or just hanging out in the yard.

Who is a teacher that inspires you? Sara Guenther is the yoga teacher who inspired me to attend a yoga teacher training. I found myself staying after almost every class asking so many questions. She would always have a theme for class and it always seemed like she was talking to me. She is such a kind and generous soul who has some very deep insights in to what it truly means to be a human being.

When do you practice, and what do you practice? I practice in a teacher led class at least twice a week. If I can make it to five or six, I will, but I’m not always that lucky! I practice at home once or twice per week if I can’t make it to studio classes, and do a combination of Yin and Ashtanga
vinyasa. I mostly attend flow style classes, but also Ashtanga Mysore and Rocket (an off-shoot of Ashtanga). I also fit yoga in where I can. I always do chair pose in the shower and malasana while I’m brushing my teeth.

What book would you’d recommend, that has impacted your life? The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell is one book that I have learned a lot from. This book asked many questions
offering insights into life and how we experience our world. It has inspired me to continue to seek and question what it means to be human and how to we relate to the world we live in.

Tell us something that your students might not know about you? I love food! I love everything about food; growing it, preparing it, mixing it, EATING it, sharing it, and I’ve recently gotten into composting what’s left. Although, I don’t really like baking, mostly because it’s more precise and I can’t just put stuff together like I can with cooking. My mom’s side of the family is Italian, so many of life’s big events, or small ones, revolved around food. We always cooked as a family, ate as a family, and cleaned up as a family. Food brings people together in a way that nothing else can. My specialty is Lasagna (secret family recipe).

Angelina’s Schedule in Her Own Words

Flow Hour on Wednesdays at 12:15pm & Friday at 5:30pm
Following a faster pace, this class aligns with a vinyasa style practice. We work with traditional sun salutations to warm the body followed by a
vigorous sequence of poses strung together in a way to help maximize body movement and stability to create more strength, balance, and flexibility. I like to incorporate new postures into each class to broaden the pose palette for the yoga students and myself.

Yin Yoga on Thursdays at 7:45pm
In Yin we seek to find stillness in the body so we can seek stillness of the mind. We use the body as a tool to dive deeper within to learn who we are using our internal wisdom. Set in a candle-lit room accompanied by soft,
music, this class offers students a space to dive deep into themselves.