Michelle was introduced to yoga as a teen at Unity Woods Yoga center in Washington DC. From then on she continued to study different traditions of yoga and movement modalities. Michelle has found yoga to provide a strong counterpoint to modern day living, and is a lifelong student and practitioner. Michelle’s classes tap into the tempo and energy of the students, inviting them to tune in and discover their present state and all their inner resources. She provides students with a solid foundation to explore yoga as a creative practice that allows them to strengthen, unwind, and open up to their highest selves. In 2008, Michelle completed her 200-hour Interdisciplinary yoga teacher training at the Nosara Yoga Institute , under the tutelage of directors Don and Amba Stapleton. She has continued to study with Nosara Yoga Institute, and Evolve Wellness, receiving advanced trainings as a yoga guide, a pranassage practitioner, and a yin yoga teacher. Michelle has studied with a variety of master teachers from different yogic traditions including Biff Mithoefer, Daniel Hickman, Sarah Powers, and Ann Hunt. Michelle credits the wise guides she has encountered in life to encourage her growth on and off the mat, and is inspired each day by all the wonderful people she has met through yoga.

Get to know Michelle a bit better:

Where is your favorite place in the world? The island of Oia, in Santorini Greece.

Who is a teacher who inspires you? It’s hard to name just one! Biff Mitthoefer. I’ve taken two yin yoga teacher trainings with him and it completely shifted my approach to teachers and to yoga. Biff is a teacher’s teacher.

When do you practice, and what do you practice? I have a daily meditation and asana practice. My personal practice depends on what’s going on in my life. I love practicing a flow yoga practice, but I also appreciate slowing down and practicing hatha, self awakening yoga, and yin yoga.

Which yoga pose challenges you? Ha! depends on what’s going on with my body :) I keep a regular practice, and I really like to explore all the stages of poses daily so eventually I find myself in an advanced asana without really thinking about it. It’s wonderful to experience an embodied practice where the poses just come naturally. I think the greatest challenge for me in yoga is to recognize when my ego is taking over and I need to step away from the rockstar pose that isn’t really going to serve me in any way.

Michelle 2Michele’s schedule in her own words: 

I teach a variety of classes that a direct reflection of my years of study and personal practice. I also adapt my classes to the energy of whomever shows up, the season, and time of day.

Gentle Flow Yoga & Meditation on Sundays at 5:00pm Gentle flow and meditation is a 90 minute class where you will meditate , do a lot of gentle movement and yoga that will unwind any tension and holding patterns in your body. Expect a deeply relaxing experience.

Yin Yoga on Wednesdays at 5:30pm Yin yoga is a quiet meditative practice where you will settle into long held asanas that focus on the hips,legs, and lower back. the practice is very deep, and cultivates a balanced flow of energy linked to the relationship between your deep connective tissue and the Chinese meridian system of energy. I encourage students to cultivate a compassionate relationship with their practice, and invite them to tap into the softer,more yin aspects of their direct experience.

Gentle/Restorative Yoga on Wednesdays at 7:45pm Gentle restorative is a gentle flow paired with some very relaxing restorative poses tailored to the class, it’s a midweek evening bliss fest!

Flow Yoga My flow class is fun! it’s a little slower paced than most and you will explore all the stages and progressions to peak asanas through creative sequencing and practices that always honor whoever has showed up to class. The music will be rhythmic, and always supportive. Expect pranayama, a well rounded asana flow and a sweet sivasana.


Michelle’s upcoming workshops

Flow Yoga Groove: Peace, Love & Understanding on Friday, January 8th at 7:00pm

Partner Yoga & Pranassage on Sunday, February 14th at 2:00pm