So let go, jump in

Oh well, what are you waiting for? (Frou Frou, “Let Go”)

Change is one of the most exciting experiences in life; it is also one of the most terrifying. Ultimately, there is room for change only when something familiar is ending or transforming.

And even when change is a welcome, or perhaps invited, actor in our lives, letting go of ‘what is’ can be surprisingly difficult. It is natural to hesitate, feel conflicted, or doubt that what is ‘to be’ will fulfill you. The present may be difficult, but it is known; change takes away all of the familiar and replaces it with the unknown.

How can we know that we will be okay?

Some might say that we cannot know. Others might say that it is an act of faith. I disagree with both: We know that we will be okay because we have always been okay.

When we fixate on one specific circumstance – an individual change – we lose perspective on the constant, almost unnoticed, transformations that surround us. Day gives way to night, and night gives way to day. The seasons turn, the moon waxes and wanes. Time moves ever forward, and we age with it.

And we live alongside these changes, barely conscious that they are occurring. We wake, sleep, and wake again into a new day. We learn, and laugh, and love across seasons, or years, or decades. And day after day, everything is okay. We are all okay.

So do not fear change; it is our most natural state. As the second month of 2016 begins, I invite you to meditate on the constancy of change. Continue to reach, stretch, and dream, in spite of your fears. To do so is the power of an immortal spirit, and your badge of honor. Wear it with pride, and greet change with the confidence that all is, and will be, well.

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