There are so many things that we have in common as human beings.

Remembering those positive things that connect us is just plain good for our health!

In my humble opinion, I would guess most of us have some kind of heightened emotions at this moment in time.  Too many adjectives to list here but a few simple ones might include, excitement, anger, empowerment, fear, sadness, happiness, etc.

I am not writing to judge your “emotions” but to suggest we all have emotions, yes?  I’m sure at some point recently you have observed heightened emotions. How about the compassion to acknowledge is it a commonality in human beings and that affects our daily lives, our health, AND those around us?

Often we get so caught up in our own drama and emotions that we begin to actually create dis-ease” in our bodies and can become disease.  Many of us already have stressors, like long work hours, daily responsibilities that contribute to little sleep, little exercise and no time for inspiring human connection like (church, girlfriends, family time, couple time, just walking down the street without a mission to get somewhere).

In my yoga classes this month the theme is self-observation or self-study.  To be aware and notice this idea of Think less and FEEL more!  Using observation to become aware of your behavior, your interactions, and decisions, to determine what feels healthy and what does not.

Observations like how it feels when you are around certain people?  Do they inspire you or tire you?  How you react when plans change abruptly, noticing your morning routine, how you carry yourself as you walk?  Very simple observations tell the story of who we are in those moments.

Notice and observe, no judgment, just inquiry.  Then you will have more authentic information to create “re-SOUL-utions” or intentions as we say in yoga.   This may allow us to disentangle ourselves from aspects of our life that don’t create “well-being”.

If you “feel” any of this resonates with you, I invite you to use Gentle + Restorative yoga to encourage the inquiry.  I would love to see you on the mat at one of my 75 minute weekly classes offered at Radiance-Yoga Tuesdays 10:30am.  

For the sake of your own health and those of others!



*Other offerings coming up!  February 12th I will be co-teaching a Partner YOGA and Pranassage Workshop 2:30-4:30pm