Are you a furloughed federal employee or do you know one? Are you wishing you could make lemonade out of all those furloughed lemons you’ve been forced to accept?  Step right up to Radiance Yoga – the lemons into lemonade studio! Don’t waste your time at home sucking on those sour lemons and watching bad day-time TV (the butler did it…).  Get out and stretch yourself, move yourself, get in touch with the inner you that’s been stifled by the desk, the 9-5 grind, the deadlines and the racing of the rats.  Move into a perfect forward fall and let the worries fall away!  Sit in easy pose and feel the strange sensations of a calm mind, a soft heart.


You can do all this knowing you are only paying half the price on weekday daytime yoga classes (7am-5pm) from now until Sept 18th, with presentation of a valid government ID.  Fingers crossed we won’t need to extend it, and all of our hard working federal friends can get back to work!  In the meantime, come on down to Radiance at 701 Prince Street and get reacquainted with your stable, stretchable, sublime, sassy self.