When did you first get involved with Radiance?
I was lucky enough to get involved with Radiance Yoga when it was just a twinkle in Masuda’s eye! It has been an extraordinary blessing (one of the best of my life) to watch this studio grow and change over the years. Truly a beautiful journey.

How has the studio changed since the beginning?
One of the changes I’m most proud to see is the wide diversity of teaching styles and classes at Radiance. Radiance started with just a few classes in flow yoga and Kundalini yoga. Now we have classes in a wide range of styles including flow, restorative, meditation, Kundalini, Jivamukti, yin and more. Whatever you’re into, you can find it here.

What do you see in Radiance’s future?
Expansion! I always look forward to the new ways in which the Radiance community continues to grow.

How is this studio different than others you’ve experienced? This studio has a warmth and authenticity that makes it entirely unique. It’s always full of laughter! The energy here is vibrant. Also, it’s the only studio that I have ever encountered that has struck such an even balance between flow yoga and Kundalini yoga. But most of all, I love the community of Radiance: the students, teachers and desk staff who make it such a gift and honor to be here.

What is one thing you want students to experience in your class?
Of all the things I wish for students to experience in my classes, harmony is what most comes to mind. When you feel balanced and in harmony with yourself and the world, your heart is wide open.

Perfect day? A beautiful blue ocean, a good book, yoga, and lots of sunshine. Wait a minute…isn’t there a retreat to Maya Tulum in July? 

Do you have a favorite Indulgence? Good fiction. There’s nothing as delicious as being held captive by a really good book. Oh, and naps! I’m a big fan.

What’s playing on your iPod? Today: Xavier Rudd, Moby, David Parsons, Jai Uttal, G. Love and Garth Stevenson

My fiancé, Matt, who finds his practice on his mountain bike and who is the most open-hearted, non-judgmental, encouraging and grounded person I know. He always goes with the flow, keeping his focus on gratitude and possibility.

What upcoming workshop do you most want to attend?
A Magical Trip to Peru! I went to Machu Picchu once almost 10 years ago and it was an incredible experience. I would love to go back.

What is your class schedule at Radiance?
I teach the Friday evening Gentle Flow Yoga class at 6:15pm, the Beginners Yoga class on Saturday mornings at 10am and the Flow Yoga class on Saturdays at 1pm.