For me, the most exciting thing about essential oils is how scent travels through the spaces of the body and mind and into our souls. A single drop of essential oil can be a dynamic powerhouse of expansiveness, magnifying the wonder of life, becoming a vehicle of intention and manifestation.

My aromatherapy is about tapping into these sacred vibrations – these patterns of energy.

I first discovered aromatherapy in my home country, Zimbabwe, some 20 years ago (don’t make me count!). I fell in love immediately, trained and became a UK-affiliated Aromatherapist. Soon after I qualified, I was forced to leave my country due to extreme political violence and upheaval. I did a whole lot of stuff, travelled and worked, but didn’t settle – physically or emotionally.

When I came in Northern Virginia, a quick succession of life shocks propelled a search for inner peace. I threw myself into yoga, healing, aromatherapy and Reiki. I found Radiance Yoga! And I started my business “Ahimsa Oils”, at first as a way for me to give back; to share my love of aromatherapy. It has become that, and so much more!
ZodiacI get “geekily” excited about designing blends based on the spiritual and metaphysical properties of essential oils. I spend hours with every oil, tapping into its “personality” and blending it into a product that resonates with a chakra, an intention or a Zodiac sign. For example, the thoughtful, organized Virgo appreciates clean and herbaceous notes in a blend that is orderly and balancing, while the flirtatious Libra responds to scents that enhance passion and inspiration.

I love what I do, I am always growing and learning. I am soon to offer an Ayurvedic line that has specific carrier oils infused with Ayurvedic herbs to support the lifestyle. While I take the healing aspect seriously, I also try to keep it fun – like the Fairy Perfumes that I secretly captured from the glen!

All my oils are specifically chosen to have a high vibrational quality. They are either organic or wild crafted, always fair trade and non-GMO. To create my products essential oils are added to sustainable carrier oils and vegan waxes (I leave the beeswax for our precious bees).

I am honored to be able to offer Ahimsa Oils at Radiance. Keep watching the shelf – new in are Aura Mists (with crystals for a more intense energy), and coming soon is the Ayurvedic line and holiday gift sets.

Please contact me for personalized aromatherapy blends – you can find me at the desk on Tuesday mornings or online.


Namaste and Sat Nam