For the foreseeable future, we find ourselves practicing social distancing, which means that practicing in the studio that you know and love is impossible. When creating Radiance Yoga Online we researched many different options on how to deliver the high-quality classes you are used to, in the best format, and with as little complication for you, our students. We landed on a Digital Monthly Membership subscription hosted  through Vimeo OnDemand, a video hosting and streaming platform. It turns out that, as with all things, innovating through technology is not always as simple as it seems!  I have been working closely with the support team at Vimeo to help with any issues that people have been having. Fortunately these have been few, and all resolved quickly and easily. I have put together a list answers to all of the questions and issues that I am aware of. If you need further help, please do not hesitate to reach out to me through email. You can also find a list of frequently asked questions regarding watching Vimeo OnDemand videos here.

My Video Keeps Stopping & Starting (aka Buffering)

You’re into a good groove and suddenly the video stops and a little spinning wheel appears, and all of the zen that you’ve cultivated goes out the window! I’m not going to sugar coat it, this is incredibly irritating. When you actively stream a video, it is being downloaded and played at the same time. This requires a significant amount of resources to play smoothly. Buffering is your computer downloading the video faster than it plays. If it can’t be downloaded and played at the same time, it will stop and create a buffer between the playtime and download time. 

We are in an unprecedented time during quarantine, with web traffic at an all-time high. People across the country are relying on the internet to keep them connected to work, school and their families as they navigate this unusual and uncertain situation. Think about all the people who would normally be meeting face-to-face are now meeting over the web using video conferencing tools, (even my 6-year-old is meeting with her classmates via Zoom – 30 kindergarteners on a conference call, I will leave the rest up to your imagination!), video streaming for fitness, Netflix and chilling at 10am (because you can), and so on… All of this slows down our connection speeds. 

The easiest way to help with your video buffering is to create a larger buffer. To do this you can simply pause the video to give the software enough space to stream the video smoothly. Just 30 seconds or so can do wonders for the video performance. So perhaps instead of getting everything set up for your class and then starting the video, start your video, press pause, go and get your yoga mat and any props, then restart your video. Hopefully, this will help and you can take your class uninterrupted by that annoying spinning wheel! 

Trailer Looping

Confusing and annoying? Yes, but fortunately easily fixed. This was a software bug that caused the trailer to loop instead of the selected video playing. This has now been resolved by Vimeo. When you are logged in you should be able to view your subscription here: This issue was mainly affecting Chrome users, and if you still cannot view your subscription all you have to do is clear your cache, to do this follow the steps provided below:

1. Open Chrome

2. In the top right side of Chrome, click the “More” button (as shown here)

3. In the menu that appears, choose More tools> Clear browsing data.

4. Under time range, select “All Time”

5. Check the boxes “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”

6. Click “Clear data”

7. Once it has, click “Chrome” from the top menu bar again and then click “Quit Google Chrome”

8. Once Chrome is fully shut down, go ahead and open the browser back up

Where Do I Find My Subscription to Radiance Yoga Online When I Log In to Vimeo?

Once you are logged in you go to the drop-down in the top right-hand corner (select the blue face, or your face if you’ve added a profile pic) and then select “Purchases”  – see right

You will then see a screen with your subscriptions – see below





How Do I Quickly & Easily Access My Radiance Yoga Online Subscription?

On Your Computer

The Digital Monthly Membership can be accessed at  The quickest and easiest way for you to get to this is to bookmark the site using your web browser.

Safari – Click on “Bookmarks” and select “Add Bookmark” then select “Add it to Favorites” by doing this anytime you click into the search bar at the top it will come up in your list of favorites.

Chrome – Click on “Bookmarks” and select “Bookmark This Tab” and it will be available in your list of saved websites by clicking on “Bookmarks”


On Your Phone, Tablet or TV

There are lots of ways to watch Vimeo videos on devices other than your computer.  You can log in using the Vimeo app through your phone, tablet or even on your television. Vimeo apps are supported on a variety of different devices, click here for more detailed instructions on set-up.