Luana Bossolo

Describe yourself in three words: Creative, optimistic and introspective

How did you discover Radiance? I live in Old while and noticed the sign and class information in the doorway while walking along King Street. I was first attracted to yoga for the stress management and relaxation benefits. In the two and half yearso I have practiced yoga and meditation, I learned that the benefits are more expansive, help me get grounded and balance myself physically and emotionally. Yoga is a wonderful and healthy life tool and skill.

Why did you decide to join us in Peru? I enjoy traveling and liked the retreat aspect of the trip and being able to do both hiking and yoga while on vacation. I also liked the idea of going with Radiance since I knew the instructors and some of the other travelers. Plus, I wanted to visit Peru and Macchu Picu.

What was your experience like when you went last year? My experience was beyond my expectations. The Sacred Valley and Willka T’ika, where we stayed during the trip, were very spiritual places. I felt I had space to be intropsective and have fun too. And, the best part was how much this trip inspired and opened up my creativity. I loved painting some of the Chakra gardens of Willka T’ika. And, my fellow travelers from Radiance Yoga were wonderful, especially our group leaders Masuda and Michelle who organized a fabublous trip. Definitely one of the best vacations I have ever experienced.

What is your favorite class here? Kundalini

What is your perfect day? My perfect day begins sitting quietly with my two cats, enjoying coffee then followed by an art class or visit to National Gallery to draw the sculpture and ending at the Grape and Bean to meet up with friends.

Do you have any favorite indulgences? My favorite indulgences are facials and the French toast at Firehook Bakery.

What do you do when you aren’t doing yoga? I take art classes at the Art League School, volunteer at The Little Theatre of Alexandria helping with set painting and the box office, spend quality time with my two cats, participate in Radiance Yoga book club, and work in PR for a nonprofit.


Michelle Volberg

When did you first get involved with Radiance? I first discovered Radiance walking up King Street. I was already a yoga teacher, but also looking for a place to practice. I started taking Allison’s classes whenever I could. The space, the community, and the quality of teaching really resonated with me, so I started to teach a very early morning flow class.

Why did you decide to travel to Peru with Radiance last year? I love to travel. Yoga and traveling is even more of a delight. I trained in Costa Rica, and have spent some time in South America, so jumped at the opportunity. For me travel is a blessing that opens up one’s perspective. Also- any opportunity to practice yoga in a natural setting is powerful and healing. Peru provided me with both.

What were your favorite parts of the retreat? First of all, I love teaching! It is always wonderful to teach yoga in a beautiful setting. The experience was very meaningful. I also enjoyed meeting different Healers and Shamans, and participating in traditional healing ceremonies. Even our guide was a powerful presence. I felt surrounded by wisdom. The sound ceremony in Aguas Calientes was a special experience. Meditating in the Chakra Gardens was one of my favorite personal moments, as was practicing yoga with my mom in the archeological site of Machu Picchu. We found a hidden spot and just went for it. It was awesome. I can’t forget to mention the amazing spa treatments, and the solar baths at Wilka Tika. The healers were very skilled, using local essential oils in many of the treatments.

What are you looking forward to on this year’s journey? I am looking forward to teaching again in the stunning setting of the Sacred Inca Valley. I am excited to hike more.  I am specifically excited to hike the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu. I am also looking to spend more time meditating in the Chakra Gardens, and during the duration of the trip. The energy of Peru is very calming, and makes for a great meditation practice. Lastly- The solar baths! I can’t speak highly enough of them. They are set outside, and you get to sit and soak in a solar heated bath and gaze at the stars. Pretty awe inspiring.

What do you think students take away from a trip like this? I think any yoga retreat provides a different type of space for students to delve deeper into their personal yoga practice surrounded by like-minded people. Peru is specifically a very powerful setting for a retreat, because it will give the students an opportunity to practice yoga surrounded by the beauty of nature, and the energy of a very fascinating ancient culture that reveres mother-nature. It is a perfect combination.

What drew you to yoga? I was introduced to yoga when I was a teen. In college, Yoga became a tonic for stress, but it wasn’t till I was in my early twenties that I noticed the practice was not only helping my body but healing my mind and spirit. That moment really drew me to yoga.

What’s Playing on Your ipod? A diverse range of things! Lately I’ve been listening to Brazilian music like Ceu, Caetano Veloso, and Celso Fonseca.  I also have plenty of yoga music- My friend Fletcher Boote just came out with an EP called May All Be which is a very cool kirtan cd. Some of my students also may know that I have a soft spot for 90’s hip hop and RnB.

What upcoming workshop do you most want to attend? I’m excited to attend Sat Siri’s workshop about listening. Yoga has helped me with my listening skills considerably but It is a life long practice! I am looking forward to hearing Sat Siri’s perspective.