Kate Beauchamp

Hometown: Reading in the United Kingdom!

How did you discover Radiance? I was looking for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in the DC area and found Radiance on the internet. It just so happened that my husband was moving to Alexandria from London with work so it worked out very neatly – thank you Universe!!!

What drew you to Kundalini yoga? A friend suggested that it might help me find more balance in my life…and she was absolutely right.

Why did you decide to enter KY Teacher Training? I knew that Kundalini Yoga was working to make me happier and healthier on many levels and wanted to find out in more depth why that was so.

What was your experience like? Absolutely fantastic! The course isn’t without its challenges – prepare to be poked, provoked, confronted and elevated – but I gained so much insight into myself, others and the world around me that the effects of the course now permeate every aspect of my life in a very positive way.

What is your favorite class here? Masuda’s Kundalini Yoga class, so simple and perfect and I always have at least one giggle.

What is your perfect day? Doing anything where I can hear my family laughing.

Do you have any favorite indulgences? I’m English, so tea and biscuits (that’s cookies in American!) and I can eat a whole bag of dried mango all to myself in one sitting.

What do you do when you aren’t doing yoga? When not doing yoga or drinking tea, I police an extraordinary number of playdates after school for my two kids, Charlie and Annie. I can do this because I also teach martial arts, which is a remarkably useful piece of information to keep 8 year old boys in check. I also run my own legal consultancy, writing material for law firms in the UK.


Kate Barrett

When did you first get involved with Radiance? I followed Masuda from another studio. She was my favorite teacher and introduced me to Kundalini Yoga eight years ago!

How has the studio changed since the beginning? The community around the studio has grown so much in the last few years. It’s wonderful. Also, the walls keep changing colors on me…

What do you see in Radiance’s future? A tall, dark handsome stranger…

How is this studio different than others you’ve experienced? I think Radiance cultivates a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for all students. It is a great community of people that keeps growing!

What is one thing you want students to experience in your class? Most of us lead very busy lives filled with responsibilities and distractions that splinter and drain our attention and energy. (I know I do.) I hope my class provides students with an opportunity to spend time tending to themselves, maybe laugh and sweat a little, move some energy around, quiet the mind, and leave feeling energized.

Perfect day? Hiking and spending time outdoors, laughing with friends and family, and learning something new. Yogi Bhajan said we should sweat and laugh every day and I couldn’t agree more.

Indulgence? I don’t like to think about life and the choices that I make in terms of indulgence and restraint, so it is hard for me to answer that question.

What’s Playing on Your iPod? The Alabama Shakes. Damien Jurado’s latest album Maraqopa. Of Monsters and Men.

Inspiration? I like the small stuff: a great cup of tea, blueberries in season, laughter, a great story, an act of kindness by a stranger, beauty in art or nature, people who find grace in the face of frustration. I am looking at the modest, rolling hills of the Allegheny mountains near my family’s home as I type. I can tell you that I find mountains to be very inspiring. I also find inspiration in the usual places, like the teachers I have had, and my friends both old and new.

What upcoming workshop do you most want to attend? I recommend the free Morning Sadhana classes with Masuda. If I am in town, I won’t miss them.

What is your class schedule at Radiance? I sub whenever I can. I’m often out of town and unable to commit to much else. I enjoy every opportunity I have to be at the studio.