Imagine a house that has been filled to the brim, well beyond its true capacity. There items stacked atop items in great, leaning stacks, and piles of unused things crammed in under furniture, in closets, and under windowsills. The air is stagnant and heavy with dust. Sunlight struggles to shine through the clutter.

When we persist in serving others at our expense – even if we do so out of love – and sacrifice our own needs and desires, we may find ourselves trapped in a similar “house.”  And if you make over-committing yourself a habit, you may experience exhaustion, depression, and even physical illness.

The chaos of a busy life can be sneaky; it slips into our routines gradually, often unnoticed.  Spending an extra hour at work might seem trivial, but regularly missing family dinners, social engagements, or your favorite yoga class can be harmful to your long-term wellbeing.  Over time, it may affect your mood, damage your relationships, and increase your daily stress.
Cultivating a balance between self-care and other-care can be difficult; saying “no” is never easy, especially to family and friends. But in order to give your best to others, you must be able to give your best to yourself. Establishing a habit of intentional, unapologetic self-care is one of the healthiest behaviors you can practice this year.

Looking for a place to start? Consider signing up for a weekly yoga class. Book your classes in advance (it is easy with our convenient online scheduler), put them on your calendar, and make attendance a priority. If something else comes up, practice saying no and honoring your commitment to yourself.

If you’re new to yoga, consider going one step further and signing up for a six-week beginner flow series. New classes start in February; you can register now from the Workshops tab on our website.

I hope that this year brings you great health, abundant joy, and plenty of room to breathe. We are honored to be part of your journey, and look forward to all the adventure that this year has in store. We offer classes seven days a week, so drop in whenever you need to clear out a little mental clutter!

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