We can hardly believe that July marks Radiance Yoga’s fourth year! This month we kick off the celebration by highlighting a few special faces from Radiance’s past. Join us as we chat with our very first client, Massage Therapist and Kundalini student Diana Simonton.

“It felt like home, but better!” Diana remembers as she recounts the first time she stepped into Radiance, “the saturated colors, the textures – walls, floors, curtains, and beautiful art – it all created a safe, sacred space of peace and comfort.” Diana had already been doing  Kundalini yoga in Masuda’s other local classes and says she was first drawn to the practice by a desire to “learn about ancient wisdom, technologies, and tools and to explore the world within.” It’s the “lure of the unknown,” she mentions, “The urge to discover health and just plain curiosity.”

That curiosity paid off, because over the years Diana’s experience with yoga has brought her “so many riches: new ways of thinking, a closer relationship with my voice and my whole body, new friends and community, and greater harmony and clarity.” The greater insight brought by yoga is especially clear when she spends warm days outside communing with nature and  tending her plot at the community gardens in Old Town. She loves to “watch the plants thriving and creating little micro environments.” When she can sneak away she experiences her passion for nature on a grand scale by going to her favorite island of Kauai and exploring ‘her incredible beauty and diversity.”

When not taking Kundalini classes at Radiance, you can also find Diana sharing time with friends, nourishing herself and others with good food, and enjoying reading, cooking, photography, and adventure. For her, life in the studio and beyond is about “continuing to learn and grow. It’s central.”

We are so pleased to share the continuing journey with her.

Diana Simonton has over twenty years experience in private practice massage therapy, is certified by the Virgina Board of Nursing, and completed our 220 hour Kundalini Teacher Training Course. You can learn more at dianasimonton.com.