If just seeing that word makes you tense and nervous, then this post is for you!

For most people, some degree of stress is unavoidable. Stress comes from many sources, but work-related stress might be the most common: according to a 2001 study from the American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers reported feeling stress at their job. In the same study, more than one-third of workers reportedly believed that their jobs harmed their physical or emotional health.

Those are scary statistics, and Radiance Yoga wants to help change them!

Yoga is more than a series of postures that you perform on your mat: it is also a mental and spiritual approach to coping with our busy lives. Practicing yoga helps to reduce stress and the physical tension it causes, while also improving mindfulness and promoting positive thinking and relaxation.

Radiance Yoga is delighted to offer local businesses their first group class for only $25 durning the month of June.* Our bright, welcoming studio, located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, offers a safe and friendly environment for your group (up to 25 students). The community corporate yoga classes are led by a registered yoga teacher, and focus on breath work, posture, alignment, and relaxation. This special rate is available Monday through Friday during select daytime hours.

Contact the studio today for more information, or to schedule your group session. We hope you will join us for a fun, supportive, and relaxing teambuilding experience – followed by tea and cookies in our gorgeous lobby.

Can’t make it to the studio? Don’t worry, we’ll bring yoga to you! Contact the studio for more information, pricing information, and scheduling.

*Offer expires June 30, 2015.