We are in the final precious days of the year; a time of great reflection and powerful intention.

As we prepare for the arrival of 2016, many of us will choose to set resolutions for the upcoming year. This is a phenomenal exercise in self-awareness, and good practice for distinguishing the thoughts, habits, and relationships that enrich us from the ones that we may choose to let go of.

I encourage you to pursue your resolutions with great energy and passion. But when we focus too much on changing ourselves, it is natural to overlook or ignore the wonderful qualities that we already possess. Our perceived flaws can easily crowd the lens of introspection; please, do not let them.

Instead, find a moment in these last days of 2015 to shift your thoughts. Meditate on the many parts of yourself that do not need to change. Acknowledge your kind, generous heart. Celebrate your adventurous spirit, charitable thoughts, and friendly demeanor. Examine the qualities that make you, you: a one-of-a-kind original, a truly unique and beautiful light.

Above all, remind yourself of this universal truth: you already have everything that you need. Everything is within your power. The only restraints that can hold you back are the ones you imagine for yourself.

No matter what your resolutions are, you will arrive in 2016 as you arrived into this day, this month, and this year: amazing, powerful, and sacred. Embrace yourself; celebrate yourself; and help each other to stay grounded in this truth. I hope that this will be your best year yet!

Come celebrate the New Year with Radiance Yoga! The studio is open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, with a special class schedule. Join Sujjan Saroop for a Kundalini New Year’s Eve Celebration on Thursday, or attend one of our workshops on Friday afternoon.  Sat nam and namaste!

[Image credit: http://www.powertouchyoga.com/healthy-reasons-to-do-yoga.html]