February is all about love – at least according to the greeting card companies! Most of us took a little time to show our friends and family some extra affection this month.

And the way we think about love is changing. Valentine’s Day is increasingly seen as a celebration of all kinds of love, including relationships between friends, relatives, and even coworkers. And love is not just an emotion we feel for other people: loving yourself is just as important.

After all you did for others this month, I encourage you to end February by showing yourself a little love. I have a list of five, simple ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless– after all, there are no rules in love.

1. Give yourself a break. A weekend at the spa sounds ideal, but even fifteen minutes of quiet meditation will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Make a conscious decision to step away from your daily hustle, even– okay, especially– if you feel like you can’t.

2. Indulge. It doesn’t have to be costly or indulgent. Treat yourself to a mocha instead of your regular brew, or buy an accessory that you’ve had your eye on for months. Being health- and budget-conscious is admirable, but an occasional luxury can be a major mood booster, especially if you’ve been in a strict routine for a while.

3. Rearrange and refresh. Cleaning doesn’t sound like an act of love, but breathing new life into a tired or over-crowded space can do wonders for your energy. Redoing your entire living room is fair game, but a lot to take on; consider starting small, like rotating new photos into frames or swapping some items out on your desk. A vase of fresh flowers is a great finishing touch!

4. Go on a date. Grab someone you love– your sweetheart, your sister, or your dad– and make an evening of it. Try a new activity, revisit your favorite restaurant, or just hang out in your living room. Spending time with the ones we love often gets pushed to the back of our agenda, but it should be at the front.

5. Yoga! Not only is your favorite yoga class a great break (see number 1), but yoga is a holistic practice that benefits your mind, body, and spirit. Radiance Yoga has a full schedule of classes, from restorative and gentle practices to heart-pumping vinyasa flow. You will leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and at peace.

[Image credit: http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Partner-Yoga-Pose-Sequence-2738905]