Being quiet + still in the midst of a busy world is a reminder that there is so much more than just our small selves. Witnessing the sunrise and knowing it displays itself in a different formation EVERY single DAY, but equally as spectacular and magical.

We could all use a little stillness + quiet everyday! It takes ACTION to be still and quiet. You have to make the choice and make it a priority. To consciously set aside a time and place, to hit the pause button for your mind chatter, and really listen and observe.

It is a simple place in the midst of a busy world. Each of us can explore a get creative, to find that place that works best, on a particular day and time. No time limit. It can be as little as two minutes or 20 minutes.

The sunrise this morning on the beach, just happened to be where I spent my stillness and quiet today. My yoga practice encourages the stillness in my chatty mind along with quiet movement with intention. Of course, I had to photograph the sunrise first!

Try not to grasp, or have expectations, but take charge and make it happen. Step away from the computer, phone, IPAD, turn off the NEWS, the radio, and if need be, kindly ask others to respect your time to be quiet + still. Often just turning off the constant influx of information is enough. Better yet get outside find a shady spot sit on the grass, or park bench and let the birds serenade you! Mother Nature is an amazing teacher!

About Delia Sullivan:

Delia began practicing yoga over 15 years ago.  She started with a vigorous vinyasa style yoga and has since incorporated various styles into her steady practice. She first trained as a teen yoga teacher with Christy Brock of Yoga4teens,  Laguna Beach, CA.  Then received her 200hr RYT with Suzanne Leitner-Wise and Stair Calhoun at Little River Yoga.  Her training incorporated several styles, incuding Inyengar, Ashtanga and Viniyoga.  She is passionate about sharing yoga as a tool to expand ones life and encourage health and wellness, one pose at a time!  An insatiable student, Delia seeks opportunities to study with teachers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, to include Tias Little and Shiva Rea.

Over the years she has taught classes in elementary schools, corporate settings,  private classes, workshops and SUP yoga clases.  She loves teaching outdoor classes, whenever possible!  She continues to deepen her understanding of yoga through meditation, independent study, and personal practice.  Delia creates a light-hearted environment in which students explore a mindful practice, physical challenges and encourages compassion through self-acceptance. Delia is a native of Alexandria and lives with her husband and three children 22, 19, and 14.  In addition to teaching yoga Delia is a photographer specializing in children & family portraits, art and travel photography.