Whether you are new to the practice or a life-long devotee, you have probably noticed that your yoga practice refuses to stay on the mat: it seeps into every part of your life!  Here are ten signs that you are falling in love with yoga— or that your passion is still going strong!

1 — Although it’s harder and harder to make time for family, friends, and your job, but you show up for your favorite yoga class.

2 — And speaking of friends, most of your local buddies are pals you met in a yoga class!

3 — If you miss your normal class, you feel “off” for the rest of the week.  Your loved ones might even notice, and ask how long it’s been since your last yoga class.

4 — Your casual wardrobe and your exercise wardrobe have merged into one. Who needs lounge wear when you own so many yoga pants?

5 — You have dreamt of ways to wear your favorite yoga pants in a professional outfit. (Bonus points if you’ve actually worn them to work!)

6 — You listen to yogic music in your car, and ask your instructors for the name of that blissful savasana song so that you can chill out during your morning commute…

7 — …and you sing along with the Sanskrit lyrics, even if you don’t know what they mean.
8 — Now that you mention it, you can both pronounce and spell the Sanskrit name for all your favorite poses. Doesn’t Ado muka savasana sound so much better than downward facing dog?

9 — You know the studio’s class schedule by heart, and keep a spare outfit in your trunk, so that you can pop in for a quick dose of Om at a moment’s notice.

10 — You share this post with your other yoga-loving friends!​

Does this sound like you?  If so, you are in good company!  Come in to Radiance Yoga today and meet, practice, and hang out with like-minded yogis from all around Virginia, Maryland, and the District.