No matter how healthy you intend to be, life has a funny way of always getting in the way. Something ALWAYS comes up and throws you off track. All it takes is one little distraction to derail you completely from your commitments. When this happens, try your best to get back into your healthy routine as soon as possible. And if it’s not possible, then implement a seasonal check-in for the state of your health.

The seasonal check-in framework

Seasonal check-ins are similar to quarterly reviews in business. If you apply the seasonal frame, your seasons will look like this:

  • Winter season: January, February, March
  • Spring season: April, May, June
  • Summer season: July, August, September
  • Fall season: October, November, December

At the beginning of every season set an intention for your health. Perhaps you want to go to more yoga, try new classes, or even start a consistent meditation practice.

At the end of every season, take some time to review where you are in relation to the intentions you set at the beginning of the season. What goals/intentions/resolutions did you set at the beginning of the season? How are you feeling? What is going on in your life right now? What happened over the course of the season? And what is coming up in your life?

Be compassionate, patient, and honest in your review. Journal about the results or set aside a private date where you can enjoy a good smoothie, a cup of coffee or take a walk and mentally reflect on the state of your health.

Different seasons require different goals

After you reflect, set new intentions for the coming season or re-commit to your existing intentions. This seasonal check-in will allow you to stay focused on the issues at hand and keep your intentions accessible, relevant, and timely.

For example, we all know that the winter season is a big time for committing to losing weight, getting back in shape, and making positive changes. When summer comes around though, many of our intentions shift to enjoying the nice weather and engaging in more activities outside (depending on where you live). Come summer, we may have met our weight-loss goals OR we need to shift focus to engaging in weight-loss activities that allow us to be outside because we probably won’t make it to the gym as often when the sunshine is calling.

You can imagine how your intentions will change throughout the year AND how difficult it can be to stick to the same intention you set at the beginning of the year for the remaining 11 months.

When your life changes, change your intentions!

Seasonal check-ins honor that your intentions will change throughout the year based on the changes that happen in your life. While the healthy habit you’re working on now may be serving you today, perhaps down the line you’ll need to focus on something entirely different to nourish your body, mind, and soul in the present moment.


Ashley HerzbergerAshley Josephine Herzberger teaches group yoga classes and private yoga to men and women who are committed to creating time in their busy schedules for their own self-care so they can feel energized, successful, and strong on a daily basis at work and at home. She is currently developing an integrative private yoga program for professional women.

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