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7 Things That Can Weaken Your Immune System

Excerpted and adapted from BlueZones.com
By Johnaé De Felicis

A healthy immune system is crucial for your body’s ability to ward off viruses, bad bacteria, parasites, and other infections. When your immune system is compromised, you are more susceptible to getting sick.

Immune health has been a hot topic ever since the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, but how many of us are taking necessary measures to protect our immune systems at all costs?

Our own behaviors and choices have a definite impact on our health, and those choices can wreak some serious havoc on our immune systems.

Rather than wait before it’s too late to strengthen your immunity, you can take matters into your own hands with preventative care – hello yoga for exercise, stress relief, and community building!

Click on the link below, for seven immune-compromising things you’ll want to avoid–starting now.