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Adopting Healthy Habits Can Add Up To 6 Years To Your Life — Even In Middle & Older Age

Excerpted and adapted from MindBodyGreen.com
By Morgan Chamberlain

A new longevity study reveals that healthy lifestyle habits add up to six years to an individual’s life—even if they’re adopted in middle or older age. The study, published in Age and Ageing, followed 49,021 Japanese men and women ages 40 to 80 over two decades to analyze how modifiable health habits and behaviors affected their life expectancy.

What did the research find & why does it matter? While other studies have been conducted on lifestyle habits, health status, and life expectancy in a number of countries with national life expectancies under 85 years, researchers wanted to see if adopting healthy habits in a country with a high life expectancy would also yield an increase in lifetime gains.

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