This is my new favorite quote.

We live in a world that is obsessed with “better.”  We read articles about how to be a better partner, better parent, and better employee.  We rate things by comparing them to other things: books, movies, and even people.  We replace the things that we own not because they are broken, but because there is a newer, faster, or more powerful version; a better model.

It seems like everyone you know is striving for something better.  (And those who aren’t are often seen as stagnant or unmotivated!)  But there is always something else to improve, upgrade, or perfect.  This mindset creates a cycle of constant effort and exertion, where satisfaction is always out of reach.  We rarely take time to even acknowledge our success before turning to face the next challenge.

Where all of this striving ends, yoga begins.

Yoga invites you into the present moment.  Your practice meets you exactly as you are, regardless of your capabilities or limitations.  There is nowhere to go and nothing to achieve.  There is your breath and your body.  There is your mind and your spirit.  All there is to do is breathe and move.

There is no definition of a successful practice.  There is no pose or variation that makes you a better yogi.  If you listen to your body, move according to your condition, and do your best, then you are already successful.

The greatest lesson of yoga is this: everything we need is already within.  You are already good enough.  You are already complete!  Your challenge is to live with this truth in a world that may try to make you believe otherwise.  Have faith, but if you forget, come to yoga.  We’ll remind you!