We know that sometimes your schedule does not always align with ours, and committing to a multi-week series can be difficult with everything else going on in your life! We are thrilled to offer some of our most popular series via OnDemand, so that you take classes at your own pace.  A link to the pre-recorded classes will be emailed to you within 48 hours after purchase.


Beginner Flow Series 


Neck & Shoulders Series 

  • Series Descriptions


  • Beginner Flow Series with Winnie Lee

    • Our 6-class OnDemand Beginner Flow Series is taught in a sequential manner to help students build strength and flexibility. Each class will outline the basics of breath, connecting movement with the breath, alignment in postures, and introduce all of the different groups of asanas (poses). Transitions between poses are simple and the pace of the classes are slow so that you can learn the basics, while greatly limiting the risk of injury.

      Whether you are an absolute beginner, or have tried yoga in the past and are ready to really get going, this program will show you the way. If you are a brand new beginner, this series is designed to take away the worries from taking those first yoga classes. Upon completion of the series, you will have gained a foundation to more confidently attend regular classes.  If you are a more seasoned yogi, our Beginners Series can still be beneficial for those looking for slow and mindful back-to-basics classes. By connecting or reconnecting to action and alignment you can really get the most out of your time on your mat.


    Hips Series with Angelina Fox

    Learn the basics of hip anatomy and some ways to help create stability and mobility in the hip joints to support the low back.

    Class 1: Anatomy of the Hip & Hamstrings – With a basic overview of the anatomy of the hip, this first in a 4-class series will also work with hamstring flexibility and strength.

    Class 2: Hip Flexors & Quadriceps – Tap into the strength of the hip flexors and the quadriceps while maintaining mobility to ensure a neutral pelvis.

    Class 3: Internal Rotation & Adduction – Internal rotation and adduction are the most commonly lost actions from sitting all day. These exercises will help bring strength and mobility to these areas.

    Class 4: Gluteal Muscles & External Rotation – Weak gluteal muscles and over stretched external rotators can contribute to hip and low back pain. These exercises will help stabilize and mobilize the hip joints.


  • Neck & Shoulders Series with Yuki Riley

    • Reset your “forward head” and “slouchy shoulders” with this 4-class neck and shoulder series. Relax and release tight muscles and strengthen and stabilize weak muscles.

      Class 1: Neck and Relaxation – Explore how to relax and release the neck muscles and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system for relaxation with self-massage from hands to the neck. This is a practice of slowing down.

      Class 2: Shoulder Mobility – Practice rhythmical shoulder and spine movements to enhance the circulation and mobility of the shoulders.

      Class 3: Shoulder Strength – Continue with shoulder circulation and mobility, and create more back body awareness and strength.  Please have a strap for this practice.

      Class 4: Core and Posture – Combine back body strength and core stability to create better posture. Please have two blocks for this practice.




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