Pranayama is so much more than breathing techniques and, once harnessed, can lead to some amazing results for the mind, spirit, and body.

Prana is the vital energy within us all that moves through channels, called nadis, by the forces of the five winds, called vayus. Sometimes these channels get blocked and the energy doesn’t move as freely or gets stuck, or one of the vayus is not moving as it should. We begin to feel those effects on our subtle and our physical bodies creating mental, emotional, and/or physical distress. Understanding the subtle aspects of prana and the five vayus is important to create and maintain a deeper connection with Self and to create a potent yoga practice to allow the prana to move with ease.

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Course Curriculum

This online training presents an in-depth understanding of theory, practice, and teaching of pranayama. Using classical texts, each session will be a combination of theory, application, practice, and teaching.


This workshop is open to yoga practitioners interested in deepening their yoga practice and yoga teachers looking to add a new skill set to their teaching toolkit.

Dates & times

June 2021

Cost & registration

There are two cost options available.


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There are no prerequisites for this course, just a passion for learning.

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