Jen Mullison


Jen’s journey towards becoming a devoted yogi and eventually, a yoga teacher began with a proposal of marriage…. Keen to look her best on her wedding day, vanity was the primary motivator. The physical effects were quickly realized, and she not only experienced a complete transformation in her body, but also her mind. After practicing daily for nearly two years Jen decided to embark on teacher training, initially just to improve her own personal practice, but as she moved through her training she was encouraged to aim for balance, not perfection.

It was then Jen decided she wanted to share yoga with others, remind them about the balance of mind and body that often gets forgotten somewhere along the way, and that they aren’t on a casting call for a Yoga Journal photo shoot when they practice. Teaching mindfully with a sense of humor and a great playlist Jen believes that regular yoga practice can increase strength, muscle tone, balance and flexibility, and even when approached from a purely physical standpoint, has the wonderful side effect of making you a more fully present, genuine, empowered and compassionate person.

Radiance Yoga