Kartar Khalsa

RYT 500

Kartar’s passion is to create experiences by which people can learn.  He loves to make doing yoga an experience of living, a moment in time.  He’s a trained and certified KY teacher and KY teacher trainer who has been practicing and studying KY since the early 70’s.  He loves it because it’s a path of physical yoga, and much more—it’s really a path for those who want to get growing.

Friends will tell you that he’s in love with everything spiritual— everything that has to do with letting out the Spirit, the smile, the joy, the heart and soul of the person.  He’s used all kinds of spiritual teachers and teachings to learn.  He would say that “if you cannot be a teacher to yourself, then you have nothing to share with others. ”

Kartar is by nature a quiet person, a meditator and a mediator, one in whose presence those who can’t find a way to cooperate with difference could do that.

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Radiance Yoga