Kate Alleman

I never imagined I would be doing yoga. My background is Army Intelligence and FBI. I have been an athlete my entire life and I have loved all sports. Yoga was not on my radar. Still, when the idea of yoga crossed my mind, I felt as though I did not have a yoga body, nor did I move with grace.

After I retired, I became interested in inner work. How do I grow in wisdom, compassion, and love? What would that look like on me? When unable to quiet my mind, a mentor encouraged me to try out Kundalini Yoga. I walked into Radiance and took my first class in 2016. It was unfamiliar but somehow helpful. In the following years, I learned to quiet my mind, sit still, breathe more deeply, grow my intuition and trust it. In 2019 I took Kundalini Yoga Level I teacher’s training (RYS 200) from Radiance and started my own practice.

Teaching forces me to have a daily practice and to begin to understand what I have studied. I have loved building a community where all are welcomed and encouraged to have their own experience, worthy of who they truly are.
I love the teachers at Radiance and also study under Tommy Rosen and Kia Miller. My goal is to lead with my heart, uplift others and to be a channel for all of us to live our very best lives. I seek to set up classes that allow us all to turn our gaze inward, letting go of the practices that no longer serve us to make room for our very best selves. In finding ourselves, we will always find each other. SAT NAM

Radiance Yoga