Steve Wolf


Steve first discovered both yoga and martial arts as a child and has now been actively teaching in the mind/body field for almost four decades. His earliest yoga teacher was his aunt who had studied yoga in Brazil, and he later practiced for six years with IYT Yoga instructor Jackie Novak, who also mentored him during his early days as a teacher. Now holding two advanced teacher designations with Yoga Alliance, Steve has received training & inspiration from Yoganand Michael Carroll, Angela Farmer & Victor van Kooten, Gary Kraftsow, Erich Schiffmann, Rod Stryker, JJ Gormley, Judith Lasater, Barbara Benagh and many others.

In 2005 Steve founded Awase Publishing to distribute yoga related media around the world. His pioneering yoga nidra recordings, ‘Relax Deeply,’ ‘Sleep and Breathe Deeply’ and ‘Savasana’ have become classics in the genre and are still being used in a number of teacher training programs around the country. ‘Relax Deeply’ is also being used as part of the pre-op routine for cancer patients at the Johns Hopkins Weinberg Cancer Center, and it has been used by the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to treat returning war vets. A fourth CD, ‘Yoga Nidra for Kids Of All Ages,’ produced in collaboration with Pranakriya Children’s Yoga Program director Emily Gretz, received rave reviews in Yoga Journal. Steve’s best selling 2016 DVD, ‘Discovering Chair Yoga’ is considered by many to be the most comprehensive video of its kind.

Steve has also been conducting, first aikido, then yoga, classes for Maryland Parks and Recreation since the mid-1980s. He taught the martial art of Aikido to US Marines at the 8th & I St. barracks in Washington, DC, and he is now head instructor at Northern Virginia Ki Aikido. For over 40 years, he has also been a professional musician, performing throughout the U.S. and Europe. You can find out more about Steve by visiting his website, and you can purchase his recordings here.

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