Sujjan Saroop

After dabbling in and out of Yoga classes for more than a decade, Sujjan Saroop decided, in December 1999, to suspend judgment for a 30-day intensive exploration… and he has maintained a regular practice since. Having travelled and lived in a variety of places, he practiced a multitude of Yoga styles. He was drawn to Kundalini Yoga through the Naad; through proficient, compassionate and wise teachers; through the community connectedness that Kundalini Yoga engenders; through experience of Kundalini Yoga’s efficiency and effectiveness; and through the grace of Divine Consciousness.

Consistent personal and group Kundalini Yoga practice brought profound transformations to his life in multiple dimensions – including living more directly, more confidently, more calmly, more honestly and more meaningfully. He completed the Kundalini Yoga Level One Teacher Training at Radiance Yoga Studio in 2012 and completed the Kundalini Yoga Level Two Transformation courses in 2017. He is also an Associate in the Kundalini Research Institute’s Aquarian Academy (a multi-year, multi-step, multi-dimensional training and development program for Kundalini Yoga trainers).

Sujjan Saroop witnesses in his students their transformations – of enhanced intuition, security, creativity, and connectedness to Self and community – of deep healing – of living more joyfully and lovingly. Sujjan Saroop’s classes energize and relax, affirm and support, ground and elevate, strengthen and loosen up… and help students connect to the spaces in which there is wholeness, integration and synchronicity.

His spiritual name (Sujjan Saroop) means “Listening to, and Becoming Completely Absorbed in, the Wisdom of Your Soul.”

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