Yin Yoga naturally draws the mind inward into a relaxed and reflective state, where awareness can be brought to postural, breath, and thought patterns. The connective tissue is also the home base for the meridians, which are theorized to be liquid crystal pathways made up of hyaluronic acid molecules. Yin Yoga increases the strength and magnetic pull of these meridians, which can help increase the amount of chi in the system, or better distribute it, or allow it to be more fully absorbed by the body.

This training was designed  for yoga teachers and yoga practitioners who seek to enhance their teaching or personal practice by touching upon (t)issues rarely worked in more dynamic “yang” yoga styles.

Course Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum fully covers the fundamentals of yin yoga, anatomy,
range of motion, yin yoga teaching methodology, including assisting.


What you need to do

Dates & Times

Fall 2020

Cost & Registration

There are two cost options available.




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What you will need to start with our Teacher Training.

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