Our Philosophy

Radiance Yoga is an inviting and peaceful place to explore and discover the many benefits of yoga. We offer classes in Flow yoga, Kundalini yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative and Prenatal. Our classes and workshops help students build strength and flexibility, experience relaxation, and feel healthy and vibrant.

Our experienced and devoted teachers help students move toward their individual goals with compassion, expert guidance, and fun. Radiance workshops, events, and community programs provide opportunities for students to know one another, deepen their practice, and share ideas and best practices on living a yogic lifestyle. We strive to create a supportive and thriving community of practitioners living in peace and fulfillment.

Our Values

Community, Compassion, Learning & Laughter.

Radiance yoga has a strong sense of community. We have a round table at our studio that is a gathering place before and after class where students drink tea together and connect.

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