Workplace yoga is an emerging theme among companies in the DC Metro area and it is a low cost and innovative perk for companies seeking to cut health care costs, reduce workplace stress and boost employee moral. Radiance Yoga can be your one stop shop for health and wellness!


Radiance Yoga can help you develop a customized program with one of our professional certified instructors, or we can provide one time events for team building, corporate retreats, conferences and workshops. We also offer a partnership program where you can take advantage of discounted monthly memberships for your employees.

  • Yoga@Work: We will send one of our certified yoga instructors to your workplace to lead your employees in a yoga class either as a multi week series or for a one time event.

  • Yoga@Radiance: We will host you and your team at our studio for a single yoga class or any of our multi week series.

  • Corporate Membership: Radiance Yoga will offer a discounted membership rate to companies and employees who practice yoga at our studio as part of an overall health and wellness plan.


How Much Will It Cost?

Initial Assessment

  • In this optional class we listen to and assess the needs, wants and levels of your employees and move through a gentle and relaxing yoga practice. $150

50-60 Minute Class

  • 1-15 employees – $200
  • 16-30 employees – $275
  • For groups larger than 30, please contact us

Corporate Membership

  • 3 employees – $89 per month each person
  • 4+ employees – $79 per month each person
  • (3-month minimum participation required)


Why Yoga is Good for Business

  • Improves productivity through increased energy, focus and concentration.

  • Decreases back pain, improves posture, stamina, flexibility and strength.

  • It reduces mental and physical stress and tension.

  • It improves the immune system and overall health and can reduce sick days and absenteeism.

  • Lowers health care costs by preventing diseases, lowering blood pressure and regulating heart rate.

  • Makes people happier!

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